Module 4 – The Ministry of a Disciple


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In this module, we want to guide people to begin to discern what God is calling them in the practice of their lives.

If people follow Christ purposefully, it will always lead to equipment and change in your own life that will then result in ministry in the kingdom of God. Unfortunately, many believers are under the impression that only spiritual leaders are called to ministry. In this module, we help people to understand that we are all called to “follow God full-time,” regardless of the profession in which we stand.

We just need to learn to discern how and where God wants to use us in the environment where He placed us. The idea is that everyone who has done the four modules will be guided to discover his calling, gifts and specific ministry. This ministry does not necessarily have to be within the congregation, it can also be in the person's work situation.

Also with Modules 3 and 4, a retreat is offered where people are more likely to pray and be quiet about their specific calling and ministry.

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