Module 2 – The Identity of a Disciple


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In this module we talk about establishing our identity as children of the Lord, as well as the battle between the flesh and the Spirit.

We also pay special attention to how God changes us to become more like Him. When people learn to discern what God is doing in their lives, it demands obedience and will lead to behavioral change.

Modules 1 and 2 have 24 sessions each that can be completed within three years. In other words, 36 sessions for the year. A very important part of this phase of the process is a three-day retreat, where more attention is paid to dealing with baggage, forgiveness and emotional and mental health. I give more information about the different retreats on a separate page that deals with just that.

Very important: In the first four modules, we also use Jesus' life (as we know it in the Gospel of John) as the perfect example of the life of a disciple. So we are constantly focusing on the principles that Jesus taught and lived and see how it affects our lives as disciples.

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