Be Still and Know


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That is why I decided to write this book, with the hope to inspire more people to give attention to this special relationship with the living God. A relationship which I see as the most important aspect of our lives here on earth.

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I am convinced that God created us in order to live in a discipleship relationship with Him. A “discipleship relationship” is a relationship in which our eyes and ears are constantly directed towards God.

In my own journey, I have discovered that one of the main secrets of this relationship is not a certain recipe, nor a certain programme neither is it a number of things that one has to do with more commitment. No, the main secret is only more care to what God has already done; to what He is doing at this moment and to what you can learn from Him through all that is happening
in and around you at this moment. To a big extent, it is all about becoming aware of who God really is and of what He is up to at this moment and how that is affecting your life at this moment.

The purpose of this book is to a big extent to guide you into a relationship with God Himself, so that you can learn to attend to Him and what He is up to. That is a discipleship relationship.

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